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Wednesday, March 26

Additional Weekly Douchebaggery

Penalty for Douchebag's refusal to dispense contraceptives upheld.

The Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board ruled in 2005 that the Douchebag in question failed to carry out his professional responsibility to get the woman's prescription to another pharmacist if he wouldn't fill it himself. The board reprimanded the Douchebag and ordered him to attend ethics classes. He was allowed to keep his license as long as he informs all future employers in writing that he won't dispense birth control pills and outlines steps he will take to make sure a patient has access to medication.

Said Douchebag not only refused to fill a woman's prescription for birth control pills, but also refused to transfer her prescription to another pharmacy where she might not be subjected to such douchebaggery. Naturally, he claimed it was against his (Roman Catholic) religious beliefs, and said that he didn't want to commit a sin by "impairing the fertility of a human being." Oy. Hey, Douchebag, what about that woman's right to have her prescription filled without having your douchebaggity religious beliefs crammed down her throat?

Douchebag was quoted as saying that the Board's discipline "critically devastated" his business as a traveling pharmacist because some pharmacies refused to hire him and he lost his liability insurance.

Boo-stinkin'-hoo, Douchebag. If your religious beliefs mean so much to you, you should be prepared to live with the economic consequences.

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