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Wednesday, February 6

What To Do, What To Do?

I suspect we're all still decompressing from the big Super Tuesday showdown, but I have a decision to make. So, I thought I'd ask y'all for a little input.

Next Tuesday is the so-called Chesapeake primary, when DC, Maryland and Virginia go to the polls. I am undecided on the remaining Democratic contenders. Truly and completely undecided! Which is totally unlike me, because as anyone who knows me will tell you, I have a strong opinion on just about everything. So, here are my choices:

Vote for Hillary. She's not awful, as the consummate Washington insider she certainly knows how, as they say, to pull the various levers of power in Washington, she has been through fire and rain with the press and the Republicans so we're reasonably sure there's no further dirt out there that hasn't been addressed, and she IS a woman and I'd love to see that particular glass ceiling broken. On the down side, I just can't shake the feeling that she takes her political cues by measuring which way the wind is blowing (and is that necessarily a bad thing?), and that she's all about the power for power's sake. Goodness knows, we don't need another four or eight years of power grabbing. And I just hate, Hate, HATE her position on the Iraq War. For goodness sake, woman, just admit you got stampeded and move on!

Vote for Obama. He's young, he's passionate, he brings excitement and gets independents and youngsters engaged and there's a lot to be said for charisma and inspiration. People and especially the press do not react as strongly negatively to him as they do the mere thought of a(nother) Clinton presidency. (For more on this issue, see Blonde Liz's post below, and further see MoDo's column in today's NY Times.) His positions on most issues are indistinguishable from Clinton's or insignificant enough that they do not make that much of a difference to me. On the down side, he is relatively inexperienced, and, let's not pussy-foot around the issue, he is a black man in America and even in 2008, that is a negative in some voters' minds. Notwithstanding the rhetoric, I am not sure he will do much more than Clinton to get us out of Iraq.

Vote for a Republican candidate. Virginia has an open primary, despite the best efforts of the state Republican party to require a loyalty oath of voters who participate in the Republican primary. I utilized this in 2000, when the Democratic nomination was a foregone conclusion. Yes, I voted for McCain then, not that it made any difference in the end (Shrubby won the primary big). But perhaps this time I could, you know, vote for Romney or Huckabee, so the internecine warfare continues for a bit longer in the Republican primaries.

So, have at it, I have a completely open mind and can be persuaded. If I have (for now) but this one vote to attempt to influence the process, how shall I use it?

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