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Wednesday, February 13

Waiting for Godot is Over

Samuel Beckett's Nobel Prize for Literature play "Waiting for Godot", has earned it's purpose.

Godot has arrived.

He is a great orator, motivator, idealistic to the like of Bobby Kennedy, charming, quick-witted, with a good sense of humor, communicator to the bone, the dream of every idealist. His quest for greatness has grown to a movement, with it's own "brownshirts" enforcing the right to vote of every citizen, as long as you're voting for him. If you are going to vote for Hillary, you're mocked, ridiculized and ostracized.

The movement has grown beyond my reason to support it. I may be a skeptic, or even a cynic, but the culture I come from has a saying: " to the much praised fruit-tree, go with a small basket", or perhaps "movements" scare the living shit out of me. Is this mania a result of "slavery" guilt?

Godot is Senator Barack Obama. What an uplifting speech! What a man! What a preacher! ...But where is the beef?

The only accomplishment he's stating in his speeches, is being an organizer in Chicago's slums. What did he organize, and what did he accomplish?

Change is great when things are bad, but what kind of change is he talking about?

November comes, I will vote for him, if he is the democratic candidate for president.

I only hope, that it's not all "hot air"

I'd like to know what you think, Am I out of line, or this is just my perception?Nobody wants to talk about the primaries on this blog, so with the risk of getting my ass kicked, I dare you all!

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