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Saturday, February 16

The US is Still Failing Those Who Serve

I started thinking about what ever happened to the missing $9 billion in Iraq after reading that the Marines still don't have bomb resistant armored vehicles (MRAPs). A new study suggests that armoring up the Humvees the Marines were using were incapable of protecting Marines against IEDs. (No one could have predicted that the Iraqi's would be capable of making IEDs.)

I went on to read all the bureaucratic nonsense and excuses given for not getting much needed armored vehicles to those who serve the war pigs and learned that hundreds of deaths and severe injuries could have been averted. Tell that to all the proud families of Marines. The vehicles would have cost about $1 million/each and quite honestly, it doesn't sound like a whole lot of money compared to what they piss away on contractors.

This is something I have been following since 2003.

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