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Tuesday, February 26

Remember Monica?

No, no, not that one, you silly children. This one. The one who helped Fredo Gonzalez wipe out eight Republican-appointed US Attorneys for no discernable reason (other than they were investigating corrupt Republican politicians or refusing to step down voluntarily so idealogues could take their places). The one who was like the number 4 or 5 official at the Department of Injustice, the liaison to the White House. The one who got this fine, well-paying position at the age of 32 or so because she graduated from Messiah College and graduated from "law school" at Pat Robertson, er, I mean Regents University. The one who said about 600 times under oath before Congress that she couldn't recall what she did at work from one day to the next.

The lovely Ms. Gooding is getting married. Woo hooo! And the toady she's marrying a is a blogger at RedState.

Maybe instead of saying, "I do" they can say "I don't recall".

Here's to hoping there aren't any spawn.

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