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Sunday, February 24

Oh God, what now? More creationist blather

PZ Myers at Pharyngula asks, "Is this going to be the major creationist strategy?"

The latest strategy of the creationists is to blame the evils of mankind such as the rise of Hitler and the holocaust on that evil monster Charles Darwin (who wrote Origin of the Species in 1859.) Oh they are grasping at straws now. Humans have been downright evil towards each other since forever.

While their argument that Hitler's anti-semitism was influenced by Darwin, is simply ridiculous because even I knew that the Gospel of John in the New Testament written about 90AD (ish) was used to facilitate anti-Jewish sentiment which continues to this day, and that Passion Plays were clearly meant to incite anti-semitism throughout the ages. When people started actually reading the bible in print, hatred really flourished across Europe. What fascinated me in the post by PZ, and what I don't even remember learning in religion class is that Martin Luther was a rabid anti-semite and if nothing else his writing On the Jews and Their Lies (1543) might have had more than a little to do with anti-Jewish sentiment in Germany. After all, Hitler invoked "God" when gave speeches, not Darwin- The Gospel of John plus Germany's son, the father of Protestantism, Martin Luther clearly gave permission for the hatefulness of Hitler's mission.

So read the post over at Pharyngula and the hatred spewed by Martin Luther. One of the commenters also pointed out these interesting and ancient anti-Jewish quotes (which start halfway down the page.)

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