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Monday, February 25

Little things to think about… or… Not so Deep Thoughts!

Ever wonder if those animated ads you see on various sites stop animating when you scroll past them or continue to run even if you’re not there? I guess they’re kinda like the refrigerator light.

Didja…Ever wonder where a headache goes? Are there only so many headaches in the world and does yours go to someone else when it’s finished with you?

Didja …Ever wonder why mall walkers have to park so close to the entrance of the mall they walk in so they don’t have to walk so far to enter so they can get exercise – walking; same with people who go to a gym?

Didja…Ever wonder how the Evangelicals can say that un-provable religion is factual yet call evolution a theory?

Didja…Ever wonder who writes all those really stupid TV commercials today?

Or…Who the morons are that approve them?

Didja…Ever wonder why we moved most holidays so the people who already get weekends off can have longer ones? Yet those in the service industry get nothing?

Didja…Ever wonder how it is that when it snows so bad schools and offices have to be closed, those same morons expect Malls to be open so they or their kids can shop or goof off?

Didja…Ever wonder when Ice Cream started coming in 1.75 quarts INSTEAD of half gallons…and why?

DIdja…Ever wonder if the morons pushing carts in supermarkets drive the same way?

Didja…Ever wonder who the morons are that pick the final three usually not funny clips on America’s Funniest Videos?

Didja…Ever wonder what happened to the wars on poverty and drugs? The Republicans lost those for us, too.

Didja…Ever wonder what happens to used photons? I mean, do they simply vanish or rot or what?

Didja…Ever wonder why something you’re looking for is in the last place you look?

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