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Sunday, February 24

If there is hope . . . it lies in the proles" (George Orwell).

Just because YOU dismiss conspiracy theories doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

Does anyone think the Right Wing or NeoCons alone had the capacity for what has gone on these last 7 years? Could the PNAC have put together such a program without help? We’ve seen the emasculation of the Constitution by this administration while our media has looked the other way. We’ve seen partisanship unparalleled in broadcast journalism. We’ve seen incompetence in the media that makes high school newspapers look like Pulitzer winners. Why?

Did the radical right really have the wherewithal to pull off the coup on America? How could they have done it without help from the media? They couldn’t have.

We saw the media turn a blind eye toward everything that would have prevented not only the war in Iraq and the coronation of Bush but more importantly, the division of the American People. Idly the media sat by and watched 200 years of freedom bereft of us without so much as a yawn. In fact, they assisted in this debacle. Who told them to play favorites? What would be their reward? And who would provide it?

For too long we’ve heard the excuse that the American People aren’t stupid and they’ll only take so much. Well, that has certainly been proven false over the last 15 years. What other reason could there be for the complacency exhibited by such mindless, media worshiping, apathetic drones than pandemic congenital idiocy? The information these borderline sentient mental midgets somehow glean from the media is sacrosanct. Tell an NRA owner that a Democrat wants to take his gun away and you’ll get more than a knee-jerk reaction, you may get shot. Tell an Evangelical that the Left wants to eat the babies of Christians, with no evidence more than that reported by a sensationalistic media and they’ll want to draw and quarter all liberals .

Who has the real power in America? We blame the NeoCons and Radical Right for their propaganda but in truth, there must be a vaster, hidden cabal making the decisions. I used to think the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Masons, the Catholics and God knows, maybe even the Boy Scouts were simply conspiracy theory stuff in their lust to control but stepping back and trying to take in the whole picture, I can’t but believe there is indeed an organized effort by some single group or entity (NOT deity) wanting to control everything. And in that grand scheme, time is immaterial; only the outcome is the desired result. Should there be limited success now, as was done in the past the baton will be passed to future generations of controllers.

Whoever the real person(s) is behind the curtain, timidity is disappearing. In the past, the influence was subtle, possibly because of the times or maybe there wasn’t the outright greed of today. Today there seems more of a lust for immediate power. And controlling the media is the tool. Forget politics; forget big business; they are perhaps only unwitting but opportunistic beneficiaries of this newly outted power; a power that doesn’t mind being acknowledged but still wants anonymity.

The influence the media is exerting in the current presidential campaign has to be coming from somewhere. To think these mindless automatons could, as a group, summarily decide who gets to play God for the next four years let alone have the intellect to execute such a plan on their own is unthinkable. We’ve seen the Right Wing “talking points” on this administration’s network, Fox, spew over to the other media. Does anyone think that they are not being told by an individual what to say; that they are doing this on their own?

That similar planted stories, actions and propaganda vomited by the media is ONLY realized by the Left Wing portion of the blogs says volumes for the success of the hidden crusade; a crusade that depends on the mind-numbing stupidity of those who sit in front of the tube, drinking watered down beer, eating cholesterol laden fast foods, inhaling carcinogens that are acknowledged to shorten life, and buying veg-o-matics and pet rocks while coveting their neighbors goods, wives and kids. Someone has to tell the robots at the networks what to do. And that person has to be told by another in a higher position. Roger Ailes surely isn’t influencing MSNBC or CNN! So it must come from someone higher.

To ignore one side of a story that could change the direction of the country, there can be no doubt any longer that media manipulation is rampant. Someone wants their agenda put forward at any cost, and has the power to do so. Rational reasons, at least to us, are secondary. Remember, the Evangelical’s gawd’s mind can’t be understood by mere mortals, just other Fundies. Looking back at the history of these repetitious occurrences it would almost seem that it’s a game being played out and we’re the pieces. The difference today from that of a hundred years ago is the ease with which the player or players controls the game; control only made possible by a duplicitous, bootlickingly subservient media.

It’s hard to win a war when you fight the wrong enemy. The real terrorists in America are those who willfully and wantonly work at the behest of this hidden organization; those who knowingly distort and lie to the American people (who for some reason think they are owed the truth); those who sell their country and their souls for a few pieces of silver and fleetingly, ephemeral notoriety.

Without these purveyors of 21st Century 1930s propaganda, the “hidden” would have to remain just that until an acceptable collaborator or patsy could be found and they would have to wait for a later time. Unfortunately for us, they found their Faust, and their time.

The real terrorists in America are the media.

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