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Monday, February 18

I get sales email

I'm one of those people who looks at the e-fliers in my email cause hey, you never know what you can buy. They come from stores that I frequently order things from because I hate shopping in real life on Long Island.

These 2 things stuck out at me today.

First, a camera detector from Edmund Scientifics
The Camera Detector allows you to quickly, easily, and discreetly conduct sweeps of your home, office, or hotel room to locate hidden wireless cameras. Seems like it might come in handy.

I just love to make comfy cozy throws out of fleece (because I have to keep the thermostat low as it costs $800/tank of oil) so I checked out the fleece at Joann's Fabrics because a 40% off coupon was attached to the email. GTF outta here! "Cuddle Clouds And Planes"?? Those aren't cuddly happy planes. I would love to know who bought this, what they made out of this fabric, etc.

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