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Thursday, February 14

Hillary's Solutions

I may sound as campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

The truth is, one cannot ignore reality. If you read Hillary's economic plan, it will leave you perplex: the depth, the complexity and detailed intertwining of economy with education, global warming, creation of green-collar jobs, infrastructure,universal health care, energy independence and breaking the chain of oil dependency and solving the mortgage crises in favor of the home-owners.
According to experts Hillary's economic plan is the best economic layout in half a century, better than Bill Clinton's or any other democratic president since FDR.

Even the republicans praise her work, perhaps a little jealous about her sophisticated knowledge. McCain advisor Kevin Hassett accused Obama of plagiarizing Hillary's plan:

"Obama's plan today is the most shameless piece of potential plagiarism that I have ever seen," McCain economic advisor Kevin Hassett said. The Clinton campaign helpfully e-mailed his comments to reporters.
"He basically took Clinton's words and Clinton's policies and called them his own," Hassett said. "If I were a professor I'd give him an F and try to get him kicked out of school for something this terrible ... I remember Mrs. Clinton saying shared prosperity and I remember the bill that she introduced in August for infrastructure. The fact is these are things Obama has taken as his own without crediting the source of the ideas which was Mrs. Clinton."

According to some insiders, during Bill's tenure she was the most ardent defender of the working people, arguing with Bill over NAFTA and standing up for the economic justice.

Pay no attention to the Hillary Haters and ill-intentioned pundits from CNN, MSNBC, Fox, NBC ABC etc. and go to her website and read for yourself.

After all "men can't live on hope alone"

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