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Saturday, February 16

Glory, Glory Hallelujah! The Stupid Marches On!

Florida is experiencing a minor kerfuffle over its timid attempt to inject science into its educational standards, and the St. Petersburg Times has found out why:

The Stupid is extremely strong in Florida.

The State of Florida (also known as America's Soft Dangly Bits) is one of the so-called Bible States where, apparently, pig-ignorance of basic science is the norm.

Evolution does not explain the creation of the universe, despite what apparently 45% of those polled think; it's a means of explaining how we got to be what we are. Intelligent Design tries to explain everything from the formation of stars to cute kittens.

If we don't teach one of the fundamental theories at the heart of biology to our kids, what opportunities are we denying them?

And to my local school board, a majority of whom think we should toss most of modernity and reason out the door, I have three words:

Kitzmiller versus Dover.

If you do put this burden on our children's minds, I'll enjoy watching you get sued.

Because Stupidity is its own reward, and I could always use a cut of the court settlement.

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