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Monday, February 25

Four Year Blogaversary

I started the blog in 2004 in an effort to find some people I could talk to because I thought I might have gone insane. New Yorkers were great to talk to right after 9/11 because we had solidarity and could share our terror stories and hatred of OBL (whoever he was). A bunch of us made 9/11 music CDs. We wrote songs and were collectively nauseous for a good month or so but I started feeling quite alone in the world when the truth smacked me in the face one day while I was curled up in the fetal position on my bed with CNN on the television watching the US bring "justice" to Afghanistan via carpet bombs. Many of us parted company once the wars started and it was dangerous to speak. I made enemies in real life and on yahoo groups. Thank god for blogs.

I have made the best friends and email pals here! Thank you all for coming and blogging and commenting. It's okay if we don't agree on every thing. It's not easy to discover the truth and we all have questions. I've learned so much from so many interesting people from all walks of life. I believe that we're all keeping each other sane. Keep that popcorn popping.

Special thanks to those who've blogged here: Patricia, Peter, Jaye, Billydoom, Jersey Cynic, Red State Blues, Missouri Mule, Anntichrist, Flame, NC Gal, Father Tyme, Walt, Candy and Sara.

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