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Sunday, January 27

Yay for progress!

I don't have much to comment on the SC primary yesterday. Just read all the headlines and some of the stories over at to get the full picture of what the corporate media wants you to think about it. I think I am really disappointed with the Clintons for playing the race card, however, it could be that the media is playing the race card in their name for I cannot trust what I read. Personally, I was happy to see young people and minority people engaged in the political process. This is indeed progress. I hope it serves as inspiration for the rest of the states even though most of the rest of us won't meet any candidates.

I'm also really happy that Rudy is tanking in Florida. For a while there, I was concerned that Americans were lapping up his nonsensical spew. Oh god, you didn't want NY's former mayor to be your president. Talk about a police state. He would have made bush look compassionate.

I've been thinking about these Tuesday primaries coming up and it disturbs me that they take place on days when most people have to work or go to school. If the country and the states really cared about a government by and for the people, wouldn't election days be state holidays? Think about it. Don't accept it. Write some letters. Kick some ass.

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