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Tuesday, January 15

Women are from Venus and Men are dumb

Oh did I say that?
Just kidding. Men are from planet hubris.

I just read this article, Men think they're cleverer, claims psychologist
which discusses the "male hubris, female humility" effect. I didn't know about that effect, but it turns out that my female intuition was correct-a-mundo. I rarely expressed these thoughts in public, but what the hell: Women generally allow men to think that they are smarter. Perhaps the human race would have died out if women hadn't played dumb so that they could have sex and reproduce.

"...studies show women tend to give significantly lower estimates than men of their own intelligence - about five IQ points - while men tend to overestimate their brain power.

"Whether men are brighter is another matter," Prof Furnham said.

Men appear to be more confident, not brighter, he says, which ''can have beneficial effects in the interview and even the examination room".

In comparisons of how people estimate their own intelligence there is a bias in those - called outliers - who get it badly wrong.

For men, it tends to be those average-to-dim males who overestimate their intelligence, while often very bright women who fail to rank their own IQ tend to underestimate the difference.
It is interesting that while men and women have about the same average IQ's, there are more very dim men and a corresponding amount of very bright men to compensate. So men are at the top and at the bottom but not so much in the middle.

Now I have to figure out how Hillary Clinton plays into all of this.

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