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Sunday, January 27

What's it take to get people to vote?

It must take a long time for many Americans to understand the basic goings on in life. Most of us knew in 2000 that George Bush would be bad for America. We knew he already was a liar, conniver, deceitful thing that should have been flushed with the condom his daddy should have used.

Incidents over the next 3 years added to the remarkably epidemic apathy of more and more Americans. Our cost of living sky rocketed while our standard of living plummeted. We were told that shortages and price increases were to be expected because of terrorism or rather what terrorism MIGHT do in the future.

In 2004 people everywhere were upset with the direction this country was headed. But not that upset because we were told happy bedtime stories again by our ethnic grandfather. He would always finish with, “And they lived happily after ever… and you will too as long as you listen to me and do what I say because no matter how bad you think it is, it could always be worse. That’s why you must sacrifice. But remember, I’m always here to protect you from things that might happen.” Then we’d shut off the TV and stop listening to those crazy left wingers and turn off the light and go to sleep secure in the knowledge that Grandpa W was protecting us from the Boogeyman; or his Boogeyman.

So we gave old Grandpa a vote of confidence and let him tuck us in for 4 more years – by staying home election day. I guess it was easier to stay home and watch TV than go out and vote. No sense in changing things when they’re going so well or rather when things aren’t really affecting most of us; so the TV says. And things are getting better with the war, the economy is doing real well, jobs are up; why change; why vote for someone else; why vote at all?

But deep down inside we knew he wasn’t telling everything to us yet we thought that if things were really bad the newspapers and people on TV News surely would let us know the truth.

By 2006, many more of us became aware that things weren’t as swell as Bush said they were. Sure there would be some changes in Congress and those new people would help out by correcting things we didn’t know about or care about. Still, no reason to get out and vote. Lots of others will vote in the right people; someone else will take care of it; just sit on the couch and watch TV. Hey, American Idol is on!

Its 2008: When did things get so bad? Why are prices so high? How come my town is losing jobs and what’s with the rising LOCAL taxes? Just how long has this been going on and why hasn’t anyone told us about this? I heard that Miss Julie died because she couldn't afford health care. What's up with that? Maybe we better get out there and vote these guys out of office. We need change and we need it now.

Who’s running against the jerk responsible for this? I guess it’s time we all voted. Probably should have voted last time!

Anybody know what (this guy) stands for?

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