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Monday, January 7

Update on the AirCar

The Air Car

How Stuff Works

Free Energy News

I love the negative comments about the car:

What if you get hit by a truck; it's only good for around town; the big crunch is the electricity.

These are the same Laura Bush emulators who think that we shouldn't do something because it won't affect 60 billion people right away! Asses! So what if a few decide to use them? That's more for all you other greedy soulless, illegal offspring. Meantime, we'll sav emoney and you can pay $6.00 a gallon and I'll laugh all the way to the bank.

As far as the bull about having to use more electricity...garsch Mickey, wonder what a station could use a wind or water generator for? Eyuck! Eyuck! No, it won't happen overnight but let's keep on polluting until the magic genie gives us the answer.

Yes sir! If it won't help everybody., let's not do it. Hmmm? I think I heard that reasoning before...let's talk about a coprehensive healthcare system for everyone for, say, the next twenty years, then maybe we can impliment one. Don't worry if some can benefit now.

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