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Friday, January 18

"There is reason to be hopeful when the president recognizes there is a problem in the country," ~~said Nancy Pelosi on 1/17/08

Bush, the Fed and Congress Urge Immediate Rebates and Tax Breaks to Give Economy a Swift Jolt

The idea is that if people spend more, it will pump up the economy...

But Bush's advisers and Capitol Hill Republicans are skeptical of new spending initiatives like extended jobless benefits and higher food stamp payments; or accelerating highway, bridge and other public infrastructure projects to address rising unemployment among construction workers

The mantra among Democrats and many economists is that any stimulus bill should be timely, temporary and targeted toward people most likely to funnel the money right back into the economy. As such, some Democrats are suggesting limiting tax rebates to lower-income and middle-class families and people with children.

Liberal economists say boosting food stamps is one of the most efficient ways of pumping money into the economy, an idea embraced by GOP economist Martin Feldstein at a Brookings Institution forum on Thursday. --

(see -- even those libs realize you need food for energy so you can get yourself to the mall and pump that money back into the economy)

The sudden scramble to take action came as fears mounted that a severe housing slump and a painful credit crisis could cause people to clamp down on their spending and businesses to put a lid on hiring.

(RESIST the urge to clamp down folks -- we need to SAVE THE ECONOMY first!! -- ONE FOR ALL and ALL FOR ONE!!)

President Bush told congressional leaders privately he favors income tax rebates for people and tax breaks for businesses, officials said. Bush spoke with congressional leaders as House aides worked behind the scenes on an emergency package that could also include more money for food stamp recipients and the unemployed.

does anything get done behind the scenes anymore?

I sure hope so, cause these retards "running" our country (right into the ground) don't seem to have a clue. What a shameful, moronic, consumer driven society our country has become. Most of us here at blondesense have come to realize that attachment to materialistic values and possessions are not the road to happiness. Are the majority of people really this stupid? Will no one reading these articles realize that nowhere is there any mention of the budget for the war machine. Not one word. Oh stupid me.... I forgot how w got everyone to come together as a nation following 9/11 and our last CASH TO THE RESCUE stimulus: "GO SHOPPING" was the administration's message. We obeyed.

Heads Up Folks. We may be getting another stimulus soon.

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