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Monday, January 21

South Carolina Democratic Debate

Tonight I watched in disbelief a REAL DEBATE. I mean, talking to each other, sparks flying, accusing, defending and re-accusing each other, attacking even the people who were not on the podium. (Bill Clinton)
There was an annoying audience who applauded even when Obama sneezed.
It was a serious, substantive debate - one - you never see on the republican tax-cut-fest or fear-mongering monologue.
As most of the "fist-fight" went on between Hillary and Obama, I think Edwards was a clear winner (for what it's worth)
Obama was debating for South Carolina delegates, while Hillary had her eyes on the national picture.
A few times Hillary and Edwards ganged up on Obama, when their policies agreed, and not for "kiss ass" reason.
It was most interesting watching all three candidates, taking their gloves off.
Here are my impressions (feel free to disagree with me):

Obama, often stumbling on words, pausing and sometimes stuttering, looked green, inexperienced, almost boyish. I actually noticed being angry at times. Very idealistic, talking a great deal about future, unity, ideas, projecting great accomplishments for the country and the people, without ever stating how he's going to do it.

Edwards, talks a great populist deal; thoughtful, emotional when it comes to people's suffering, having a great plan, bordering Utopia, of turning this country upside down. I am sorry, but his populist message does not ring true to me. Doable ? Perhaps, but it will require an armed uprising, shedding blood on the streets to radically change this country as he sees it.

Clinton, spoke eloquently, itemized and detailed, how she's going to make change happen. And she spoke with passion, as she believes. She came across as a doer, someone who will "walk the walk".

As for me, all I expect that the next president help swing the pendulum back to center, where it belongs. Hillary will do just that.

But that is just my opinion.

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