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Saturday, January 19

Reality Check

Today's reading is Good Times, Bad Times 3: The USA and the Hysteroidal Cycle

Oh my yes, the US is an hysterical nation and this essay by Henry See puts it all in perspective.

excerpt: Ɓobaczewski suggested that, compared with Europe, the US was behind the curve of the hysteroidal cycle. He suggests that the US is now in the period of the cycle that compares with the period between the two wars in Europe. The first half of this century saw two world wars and the rise of fascist and communist authoritarian regimes. Today in the United States, we see the rise of a 21st century fascism with a distinctly American face. Obviously it doesn't look exactly like Hitler's Germany or Mussolini's Italy. Unfortunately, Mussolini's description of fascism as the merger of the corporations and the state is certainly a very accurate description of the situation in the US today. Not only does the US government follow the dictates of the corporate donors to their election funds and the lobbyists on Capital Hill, the government itself is being privatized and given away to those corporations. Look at the role of mercenaries in the Iraq war or in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. In the few short years of the Bush regime, an entire industry of security specialists under the guise of 'Homeland Security' has arisen to feed at the teat of public funding. The Constitution has been thrown aside. According to the president, it is only a piece of paper.

The one right and responsibility left to the American people is the right to shop, although even that is becoming more of a responsibility. You must go into debt to defend America.

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