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Thursday, January 17

politics shmolitics

I can barely pay attention to politics lately without getting ill. The corporate media has taken it upon themselves to decide which candidates are viable and I take issue with that. For instance, Dennis Kuchinich couldn't participate in the Democratic Debate in Nevada because the Nevada Supreme Court sided with MSNBC. So what good is a debate with 3 candidates who stand for the same thing? Three 'not all that democratic' candidates? The media turns every comment by a candidate or campaign worker's comment into a racist or a sexist slur, while the pundits who comment on the comments make it even worse. I don't know what to believe about candidates. Honestly. I can't take every bit of negative news about a candidate seriously because it is subject to enormous spin, extreme bias on the part of the interviewers and debate moderators.

Surely this is no longer a democratic country. Even though Dennis Kucinich doesn't stand a chance of being elected, what he has to say ought to be something for Americans to think about and demand comment by the corporately chosen front runners. Furthermore, I couldn't expect to find out about candidates from their ads, first, because there are no ads on television in New York (whew) and secondly because there are no truth in advertising standards for political candidates.

Yesterday it was reported that George W. Bush, when confronted with his low poll numbers commented, "So what am I supposed to do? Go in the fetal position because of your polls?" ABC news (in a perfect world) should have said, "Yes. Go into the fetal position and think about how you let down your country, you imbecile. You go on and on about how great democracy is and yet you spit on it at every chance you get. You work for the people in a democracy, you moron, who obviously never paid attention in school."

What is so ironic is that journalists don't have any problem asking point blank questions to Bill Clinton about his private activities in his personal life, things that mean nothing to the future of America, but no one can ask a follow up question to Bush about his constant fuck ups concerning the welfare of the country and the countries he's invaded and destroyed. Are they afraid he'll get mad? So the hell what. I think it's high time to watch him get all flustered and throw a hissy fit in front of the world. Maybe then we can get him and his maladministration impeached.

In the meantime, we ought to start stocking up on non-perishables and seeds.

On a brighter note, Rudy doesn't stand a chance at being the next president. Thank gawd for little things.

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