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Monday, January 7

An Office for the Dead

Eleven dead at Iraqi Army Day celebration. Two of the soldiers threw themselves onto the suicide bomber before he exploded, sacrificing themselves for their fellow soldiers and civilians. They, not the man with the explosive belt, deserve the rightful title of shaheed, or martyr. "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." And these are offered by me. Bismillah al-Rahman al Raheem:

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful:

Glory to Thee, O Allah, and Thine is the praise, and blessed is Thy name, and exalted is Thy majesty, and there is none to be served besides Thee.

"Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, the Beneficent, the Merciful, Master of the day of Requital. Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help. Guide us on the right path, the path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favours, not those upon whom wrath is brought down, nor those who go astray."

God is great.

O Allah! Exalt Muhammad and the true followers of Muhammad, as Thou didst exalt Abraham and the true followers of Abraham, for surely, Thou art Praised, Magnified. O Allah! bless Muhammad and the true followers of Muhammad as Thou didst bless Abraham and the true followers of Abraham, for surely Thou art Praised, Magnified.

God is great.

O Allah! Grant protection to our living and to our dead and to those of us who are present and those who are absent, and to our young and to our old folk and to our males and to our females. O Allah! Whosoever Thou grantest to live among us, cause him to live in Islam (submission) and whosoever of us Thou causest to die, make him die in faith. O Allah! Do not deprive us of this reward and do not make us fall into a trial after him. God is great.

"Peace be on you and the mercy of Allah."

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