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Monday, January 14

The Next Sexual Revolution

Is happening now, it appears, and I think I know why.

In this nice article on "edgy" sex play on MSNBC's website, the correspondent is talking with a domme about sex and why the number and amount of extreme sexual proclivities (fire play, blood play, etc.) seem to be increasing:

"A new era of sexual experimentation had clearly taken hold, she said, and not just by the usual suspects of free-love hippies and dissolute hipsters with too much money, but everybody from all walks of life were starting to show up at the Wet Spot seeking information about sex that heretofore had been considered edgy and rare. She wasn’t exactly sure why this was happening now — we talked about the Internet and pop culture but these didn’t seem completely satisfying — just that over the past five years or so, her clientele had boomed. The Wet Spot now had eight thousand members in the Seattle area, the eldest 81 years old. All of them had redefined “normal” for themselves."

Well, here's a thought.

Just as humor is a reaction against inflexible and authoritarian behavior, so a certain sexual looseness can be a reaction against puritannical and hypermoralistic behavior. We've seen a surge in people who want to impress upon us values that were familiar to our parents and grandparents, but may be completely alien to us (remember that values have been in flux since the 1960s, and that flux seems to be accelerating almost as fast as our society is changing).

So, is the New Revolution at hand?

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