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Monday, January 28

The Masquerade... the masquerade

When ever some unappetizing political event takes place, Blondesense Liz asks me to write a report on it. I guess I have a better stomach to deal with it. Well, scotch on the rocks really helps.

I watched the State of The Union (the last one) of the "incompetent in chief". It was, as always, predictable. I read this guy. Whenever there is a major political or national decision to make, he will take the opposite action of what the people of this country demand or desire. It's so easy, to figure it out.

All members of the Congress sat at opposite sides of the isle. Occasionally, the pod-people (the body snatchers) sitting on the right side would robotically jump up from their seats, with open mouths and point their index fingers to the other side of the isle, shrieking their usual sounds at the non-pod-people, while the pod-father in chief sitting behind the speaker, never blinking, with his lips white like a morgue patient, approving of the cut-tax-fest, "fuck the poor" calls of the speaker.

Well, Mr Bush, this is all about your legacy, the legacy of the pod-people taking over this earth.
You should go into the sunset with your platitudes, incompetency, class warfare, enriching your friends, leader of the world.

History will judge you properly and I will sleep better that there was no new "axis of evil" in your speech. I will hold my breath while you expire and be forgotten.

Other than that there is nothing to report. If you missed it, you missed nothing.

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