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Thursday, January 17

"Love is Free" - my new favorite song AND video from Sheryl Crow

(youtube link so you can enlarge to full screen)

A review from the Mixtapemaestro:

From the count-off intro to the bulbous horn accents towards the end, the sing-along tune sparkles from the speakers with it's charming acoustic aesthetic and Crow's innate grasp of undeniable melodies. Appreciating the Big Easy community's resilience in the face of a spirit-snatching natural disaster, Crow latches onto the wondrously stoic qualities they now hold. Yeah, some might have lost their faith and thieves are scandalous enough to take what little you have in the dark of the night, but life must go on despite it all ("With the voodoo/ What do you do/ When the radio just plays on anyway?").

With a hippie-happy chorus that shrugs off the seemingly unwavering clouds of depression hanging over them ("Oh everybody/ Devil take your money/ Money got no hold on me/ Oh oh everybody's making love/ Cause love is free"), "Love Is Free" celebrates a "shit happens" attitude that'll have you embarrassed for being pissed off at your local barista for putting 2% milk in your skinny, double-tall, half-decaf latte.

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