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Monday, January 14

Liz asked what happiness is. I guess it's different things to different people. Certainly my definition of happiness isn't even close to that of Dick Cheney or George Bush or even Bill Gates.

Here are some suggestions. Maybe you have others.


Happiness is knowing where your next meal is coming from.
Happiness is a full stomach.
Happiness is knowing you have a warm, dry place to at least sleep.
Happiness is knowing you don't need medical help.
Happiness is knowing your parents or children are ok and don’t need anything.
Happiness is having a friend that you can turn to just to talk with.
Happiness is being at peace with your emotions.
Happiness is knowing there’ll be enough money for you and your spouse to live when you’re older.
Happiness is knowing your spouse will live on comfortably after you’re gone.
Happiness is having your bills paid and some money in your pocket.
Happiness is having someone accept you as you are and understanding that.
Happiness is not bothering anyone and not having anyone bother you.
Happiness is helping someone and not thinking you did it just to feel good.
Happiness is watching a movie or reading a book for just for the enjoyment.
Happiness is a bright, sunny day you can simply enjoy.
Happiness is enjoying nature…while we still can.
Happiness is knowing when enough is enough.

Happiness is knowing the fools in power will eventually die just like the rest of us.

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