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Friday, January 25

John Gibson: Lowering the level of public discourse in America

I read in the paper this morning that John Gibson HAD to apologize for his nasty comments about Heath Ledger that he made on his radio show which you can see here at Think Progress. His comments sparked outrage and he apologized on his Fox News TV show.

I don't get why the heck he had to pick on poor Keith Ledger. The young man had family and friends who loved him and don't deserve to have their loved one dragged through the mud. How rude to kick him on public airwaves with jokes about a character he played in the movies and ridicule a whole group of people who don't hurt civilization at large (homosexuals, depressed people, etc). I watched Brokeback Mountain two times and I saw something which I know must have freaked a lot of men out because it revealed something that they didn't want me to know about. It sure must have unnerved old John Gibson. Tough titties. Now I know.

And yes, I believe in the first amendment. But you know, this is the kind of spew one would expect from a shock jock and not from someone who anchors a news show on television. It only proves that television news guys have no integrity anymore and that they will stoop to any depth to get a laugh out of a frat boy. How can you trust hearing the news from the likes of this clown? Could you imagine Walter Cronkite spewing such garbage? Newspeople with integrity ought to speak out against Gibson because he is making the industry a laughing stock.

Furthermore, just because someone enjoys politics and economics to the right of center doesn't mean that they are hateful towards women, homosexuals, Mexicans, and whatever group the neocon's place the blame for everything on du jour. You most certainly don't have to be a pig to be a capitalist.

I can't believe I am going to defend conservatives, but they are not all like John Gibson nor do they even know who he is. In fact I think Gibson is pandering to redneck wannabees. Traditional conservatives ought to wake up and take their label back. The world would be a better place without allowing such jerks represent your position.

If I were a conservative I wouldn't tolerate what passes for talk radio and news in my political and economic world view. I'd take on on the neocons for dragging conservatives down into the depths of crudeness and incivility. I grew up with conservatives and I never witnessed or heard such prejudice. Ever. Sure, they were mostly oblivious people and never said what they what they were actually thinking (if they were actually thinking about anything other than their portfolio and golf handicap), but they weren't deliberately mean nor would they condone such comments by the likes of those neocon shills on Fox News or "conservative" talk radio... or any shock jocks.

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