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Thursday, January 24

Here we go again with Obama's religion

According to Horses Mouth Blog at TPM,, the winger news site had a breaking headline yesterday, OBAMA: I am not a Muslim. When you think about it, this IS going to be news for a lot of people. The AP story Democrat Barack Obama Steps Up Effort To Correct Misconception That He's A Muslim reports that emails are circulating around SC that Obama is a Muslim terrorist and this story is circulating around the Internets. If he becomes the nominee, can you just imagine what he will be up against?

What is happening is that Obama has to go on record explaining just how Christian he is, which seems oddly quaint . There was flap a while back when Faux News made a big deal about how his first name rhymes with Osama, what his middle name is and that he went to a Muslim school for a while when he was a boy, but it was laid to rest after a broohaha.

Fareed Zakaria, editor Newsweek International was on Real Time with Bill Maher January 18th and they were talking about politics and Pakistan when Zakaria mentioned that maybe an Obama presidency would be good for foreign policy. He said it would be hard for a Pakistani jihadi to wage jihad against a man named Barrak Hussein Obama. Bill Maher said that he'd see the name Hussein and go "Hey!" (thumbs up)

Zakaria told Maher that some Pakistani businessmen remarked that they loved the fact that someone with the middle name, Hussein, can run for president in America and Zakaria told them that's because no one in America knows that's his middle name. The laughter ensued.

This should be interesting to watch.

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