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Sunday, January 13

The Great Dane .... ! , " .

2truthy, thanks for the memories! (con't from Liz's post below)

Now you know where I probably get my "issue" with Phonetic Punctuation! LOL!! My Dad still occassionally jestures (with cig still in hand) like Victor; and.... my keyboard is now very wet!!!!! too funny...

Ahhh....simple fun. Yep, Denmark has the right idea. Hell, after 25% of our income goes to taxes, most of the remaining income will be used towards health insurance and our kid's college educations -- probably will come to more than 70%. But that is changing VERY quickly. We have stopped buying STUFF

"In fact the Danish government subsidizes social clubs and gatherings"

Imagine the party we could throw on the government's dime!!!!

Excerpt from How we learned to stop having fun

It may be that in abandoning their traditional festivities, people lost a potentially effective cure for it. Burton suggested many cures for melancholy - study and exercise, for example - but he returned again and again to the same prescription: "Let them use hunting, sports, plays, jests, merry company ... a cup of good drink now and then, hear musick, and have such companions with whom they are especially delighted; merry tales or toys, drinking, singing, dancing, and whatsoever else may procure mirth." He acknowledged the ongoing attack on "Dancing, Singing, Masking, Mumming, Stage-plays" by "some severe Gatos," referring to the Calvinists, but heartily endorsed the traditional forms of festivity: "Let them freely feast, sing and dance, have their Puppet-plays, Hobby-horses, Tabers, Crowds, Bagpipes, &c, play at Ball, and Barley-breaks, and what sports and recreations they like best." In his ideal world, "none shall be over-tired, but have their set times of recreations and holidays, to indulge their humour, feasts and merry meetings ..." His views accorded with treatments of melancholy already in use in the 16th century. While the disruptively "mad" were confined and cruelly treated, melancholics were, at least in theory, to be "refreshed & comforted" and "gladded with instruments of musick".

Dancing In the Street - Jagger & Bowie

We really should start taking it to the streets -- doesn't cost anything......

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