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Thursday, January 10

Good Press, Bad Press, Just Spell My Name Right.

It is being reported that Bill Richardson is withdrawing from the presidential bid. Not that anyone has to actually be qualified to be president of the United States in order to run for the office or be elected, Bill Richardson actually had practical experience in what is expected from those who hold office- foreign relations.

But alas, the media has spoken and it is the media who decides which candidates get coverage whether it be good press or bad press. It warmed the cockles of my heart to see that the media got their predictions all wrong for the NH primaries. The people have spoken and I guess that a lot of them only have cell phones and can't be polled before hand. Oh dear God, I can't tell you how happy it makes me that the media is losing control.

Speaking of bad press, I am pretty sure that I am going to support Hillary Clinton for president, regardless of her ties to unseemly characters and war mongers, simply because she is a woman. Yep. You didn't even know that I was a militant feminist. Neither did I. I doubt that we could find anyone who actually wants that job of POTUS to be of sound mind and good character through and through. I'm fed up with the rampant sexism by the media concerning her candidacy. As long as misogyny is alive and well in America, electing Mrs. Clinton is a good starting point for bringing our country into the 21st Century. I know, I know, Obama is the feel good candidate, but he really doesn't make me feel all that good, yet I don't feel bad about him either. Just kind of neutral. However if he becomes the candidate, I will support him for POTUS.

And speaking of women, another woman who needs to be heard is Sibel Edmonds. Naturally, she gets only negative press, if any press at all in this country. Her message is absolutely frightening... to the powers that be. Tough shit. Read 9-11 Cover-Up, Treason and The Bomb at the Baltimore Chronicle, The Bomb in the Shadows: Proliferation, Corruption and the Way of the World by Chris Floyd, and of course, the story that everyone is talking about, except the US media For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets in the Times Online. I googled the articles at our blog about Ms Edmonds over the past 4 years and I still contend that she holds the keys to understanding the myth that this is the land of the free and home of the brave.

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