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Tuesday, January 15

Forgiveness and good health?

You probably know the type of person who doesn't seem to be "happy" unless they are miserable. It appears that they live to find fault with things. How about people who seem to be always angry at someone or something or those who harbor grudges for every little thing ever done to them? Oh and what about people who cannot be happy unless everyone else is made happy first and the people they are trying to please fall into the first 2 categories I mentioned above? People have two choices. Either they can be happy or they can be miserable despite what the universe hands them on a plate. As far as I am concerned, things can always be worse, so I feel sometimes that it's my duty either to smack someone or myself back to reality or just walk away and not bother my brain with trying to make sense of other people's living hell (but not until I have made my own life a living hell trying to solve their problems). We humans are so fragile.

This morning I read an interesting piece in the Newsday about Forgiveness. Studies show forgiveness can boost your health A survey showed that this can happen to people over 45 years of age and not so much for younger people.

It's not all that simple to forgive though. You can't force anyone to forgive either especially in cases of incest and child abuse. The best you can do sometimes is help victims get to a place of acceptance, it is suggested. Forgiving yourself is a very hard thing to do, but studies show that your overall health will improve when you can do it. Self forgiving people don't suffer from depression as much. They sleep better. There is also a genetic factor at play.

There's a lot to absorb from the article and it has to do a lot with ones overall happiness I suspect.

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