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Wednesday, January 9

Delay: Thinkers are not good for the Party.

Not that I actually care what Tom Delay has to say about anything, but I think it's quite telling that with Christ Matthews last night, he was rather disappointed that moderate McCain won and not a real conservative like Huckabee or Romney. He said that moderates had their day in the northeast and won't fare so well in the south and midwest. He predicts that the party will focus on conservatives like Fred Thomspson, Huckabee and Romney outside of the northeast. What is wrong with moderates in the northeast, you wonder? They think.

MATTHEWS: Well you say the word moderate with a rather unpleasant look on your face. What is a moderate in the Republican Party as you describe that term?

DELAY: Well that’s a person who likes to think a lot.

MATTHEWS: [Laughter] Is that bad news in your party? Too much thought?
Delay went on to say that moderates are not as strong on "culture issues, the size... of limited government, on defense issues as they ought to be."

Oh Lordy, Lordy.

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