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Monday, January 28

Days of Future Past

This appeared on my screen last night. It’s from my great-great granddaughter. It was delivered by HoloTyme, a service she started in 2076. After researching (quaint notion, this reading thing, she says) through some remaining historical works on the early days of the Internets, (most literature was destroyed in the Religious Wars of the early 21st Century) she found Peter’s post on something called “Blondesense” about the good old days of the mid 20th Century. Finding such barbarism hard to believe, she thought I might find it interesting what the kids of today (late 21st Century) heard from their grandparents remembered about the beginnings of the 21st Century so she Tymed© this piece to me from 2092. She wasn’t sure how much was true.

Remember when: 2008

How many of you remember back at the turn of the century? Remember when:

There were still occasional blue skies and clouds were white.

There were birds everywhere.

Rivers used to have living things called fish in them.

There were hundreds of species of animals that lived in the wilds instead of zoos

You could jog (an archaic form of exercise by running along roads or in parks) for long periods of time without having to take an Oxygen pill.

They had drinking fountains in parks.

You ONLY needed SPF 150 to block the Sun’s UV Rays.

There were large containers of water that people cooled off in and lounged around while getting what they called a “tan” from the sun. (Why?)

Some people spent time in the outdoors; days at a time - and survived!

You could see stars at night from almost anywhere when you were outside.

Antarctica was frozen over all year.

There were Icebergs in the oceans.

You could live in Miami and New Orleans and other coastal cities before they were flooded.

People owned their own homes and other property.

Most of America wore heavy coats from November to March.

People watched 2 dimensional videos on things called Flat Screen TVs.

You listened to music through small speakers that went in or over your ears.

Movies were on 12 cm discs that only held 4 hours of video.

You could walk for miles in our remaining forest without seeing a logger or oil derrick.

You could travel from state to state without permission.

People read printed words on paper pages in objects called “books.”

It took hours to fly across the country.

Roads had things called “potholes” in them.

People used things called “Cell Phones” to communicate.

Electricity was provided by overhead wires on poles attached to your house.

Almost everyone had a lawn and there were small machines called Lawn Mowers for cutting its grass.

You went to a building called a school to learn things.

An education only cost a hundred thousand dollars.

Computers were external devices.

People worked as much as 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. (Must have been slave labor!)

They were paid “money” (some kind of paper) to work for others.

You could buy a decent vehicle for less than 30,000 pieces of that "money"(?)

Vehicles used fossil fuels and polluted the air.

They actually used fossil fuel for cooking and heating.

Most food came from the flesh of animals.

There were things called hospitals and doctors.

George W. Bush really did live and was a president of the U.S.

She said there was more but it was pretty hard to believe…and pretty sad.

HoloTyme Inc. rules prohibit her from telling me anything about the future but she did say the period from 2009 to 2048 would be very interesting, but thanks for everything we tried to do anyway!

(Thanx FLS)

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