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Tuesday, January 22

Cookie Wars. Hydrox lost.

This story was on the front page of the WJS on Saturday.
The Hydrox Cookie Is Dead, and Fans Won't Get Over It

I was surprised to not be reading about the impending doom of my nest egg over breakfast but rather reading about the doom of the Hydrox cookie. There is an internet campaign to bring it back, but Kelloggs won't hear of it. There is an online forum to discuss the cookie at WSJ too.

I think I preferred Hydrox over Oreos, but mom bought whatever was on sale and so did I when my son was younger and I had to buy cookies. I can have neither in the house today as it would be like having booze in the cupboard if I were an alcoholic. The bag of cookies would be calling me in the night, "Oh Lizzy... yoohoo. I'm crunchy and delicious and I love you so much and I know that you love me. Eat me. Eat me."

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