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Friday, January 11

Consumption = Unhappiness

This 20 minute video The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard is something everyone should see before they take another ride to the big box store. It's amazing what the true cost is for our cheap consumables, but the striking thing is how unhappy it makes us. In fact, when planned obsolescence was invented after WWII, personal happiness had peaked and it's been going down ever since. Makes you think about how amassing more stuff doesn't come close to replacing our loss of community. This was all planned out. And we participate in it!

We work, then in our leisure time, we watch tv and the ads tell us we suck, so we spend our precious leisure time shopping to buy more stuff to make us more unhappy and then we go to bed and wake up and then go to work to make money so we can buy more stuff or a bigger house to hold all our stuff and so on and so on.

How much of today's depressive illness could be linked to stuff?

Gosh, watching the video, The Story of Stuff almost made me more unhappy except for the fact that I have been been busy reusing and recycling consumer products into wearable art. This video motivated me to keep it up and get the business started earlier this year than I had expected.

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