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Tuesday, January 22

and in other news

Blondesense reader, Dirruk, our European correspondent, who lives in the Netherlands and writes awesome limericks, sent along this story for your amusement. Well I was amused. This guy is cute AND a hero.

Hero pilot likes crew girls licking chocolate off his naked body
Twice-married Capt Burkhill was hailed a hero by the Prime Minister for averting disaster when flight BA038 lost power on its descent. The captain oversaw proceedings as his co-pilot John Coward landed the jet on grass. Later Capt Burkhill said: "We are trained to deal with emergency situations."

The Heathrow hero is awesomely cute too. Oh my. Check out the pictures at the story which go along with the following:

Stewardesses attended to his every need—which bizarrely even meant putting liqourice up his bottom—as they hovered over his landing stripes.

But when the girls smothered him in chocolate and licked it all off, Peter—then a 28-year-old First Officer—was left feeling rather joysticky...and needed to ditch in a bubble bath with the beauties.

Our snaps were taken when the 44-year-old British Airways captain worked for Caledonian Airways. Ex-air steward Gary May—who was at the party on a US stopover said: "It was a total sex-fest. Birds were always all over him.

"He was so good looking they called him Perfect Peter.

"After licking the chocolate off and soaping him down they also played an airline game with him, putting liquorice up his bottom."

They then laid strings of it on his buttocks and ate them.
You have GOT to love the Brits.

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