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Friday, December 7

What is it about Iran?

CNN was ready to jump on the "uncritically supporting a bogus war" bandwagon with a 2 hour documentary "We Were Warned -- Iran Goes Nuclear" to be aired next weekend. But alas, the NIE report forced them to scrap that. What the hell on earth was that going to be about? They would just uncritically have the voices of war mongers tell us what they wanted us to believe so that they could start a war?

Speaking of war, war, and more war, Rudy's latest ad focuses on Iran.
Just two days after the release of a National Intelligence Report that has made Iran the flashpoint of debate in the presidential race, the Giuliani campaign is up with a new ad highlighting the Iran hostage crisis, and the need to “stand up” to “dictators” and “tyrants.”

The ad, titled “One Hour,” will be broadcast in New Hampshire and Boston. It features Rudolph W. Giuliani talking to the camera mixed with stark black-and-white images of blindfolded hostages and hostages exiting an airplane after their release. In his voiceover, Mr. Giuliani suggests that Ronald Reagan’s election alone accounted for the release of the American hostages held in Iran. Mr. Giuliani often invokes former President Reagan on the trail and mentions the handling of the Iran hostage crisis. During a Republican debate in May, Mr. Giuliani talked about how the Iranians in 1980 “looked in Ronald Reagan’s eyes, and two minutes they released the hostages.”
Iran is so 1980. Was there a Ronald Reagan that we missed?

Talking about dictatorships and tyrants, I can think of a couple of countries that would be ripe for "democracy and freedom."

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