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Tuesday, December 18

UK has left behind murder and chaos in Basra

That's what the police chief said to the Guardian.

It appears that the British forces handed over security to extremist groups who are loyal to their party and not the Iraqi government. As a result over 40 women have been brutally murdered in Basra, their bodies left in the streets, becaus they were not Muslim enough. What was once a modern city where women were free to dress in western clothes and attend universities, is now a very unsafe place for Iraqi women. What pains Major General Jalil Khalaf, the new police commander in Basra, is that there has been no public outcry in this mayhem left by the British- that the female bodies remain unidentified. Either the citizens don't care, don't want to know or they are terrified of speaking out.

I urge you to read this story and watch the short video. And pray for these people.

Also see Al-Qaida deputy accuses UK of fleeing from Basra
Al-Qaida's second in command has welcomed yesterday's handover of Basra by UK forces, saying the British decision to "flee" Iraq shows the insurgency is growing in strength.
See also Only One Thing Unites Iraqis: Hatred for the U.S. at for some more insight. It also makes you wonder whose side we're on.

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