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Thursday, December 27

Some Short Thoughts

Isn’t our projected six week involvement in Iraq over?

If hunters eat what they shoot, did Cheney eat his lawyer friend?

Republicans don’t like to waste money…on the poor, the sick, the homeless, on education.

Religious Leaders have created this current mess to foist their money loving views on this country. They have no sincerity about gawd, just about power and money.

Right Wing Political Zealots have taken the Radical Evangelical’s bullshit and run with it for their own purpose.

The current Pope was a member of the Hitler Youth and this was an education how?

The press has been taken over by Extremists from the Right who only want power and money just like the Religious Leaders. Once the people have been enslaved, the Religious leaders will be eliminated. Of course, they can’t see that.

If anybody thinks that we will get through the next year without a major catastrophe, they are living in another dimension.

Can Martial Law be far behind?

Local law enforcement is being promised greatly increased power without recrimination to exercise over the general population.

When the general population becomes upset about anything the government does, a distraction is created by the government.

It would seem that this administration is bent on the actual deaths of as many poor and minorities as possible. Their actions or lack of actions over the last 7 years should be ample proof. Add to that their unconcern over dangerous food products, imports from China, continued destruction of the environment, etc.

Fred Thompson is the ugliest misogynist candidate of either party.
Rudy Giuliani is the most psychotic.
Willard Romney is certifiable.
Huckabee suffers from delusions of Godhood.
Remember when we though that we couldn’t do worse than Gingrich, Frist, Hastert, Robertson and about a dozen other Republican Nuts?
Remember when we laughed that Gawd talked to Bush…and 51% of the crazies believed him? Now he’s a regular contributor to the Republican Candidates.

Are members of the press really brainless morons or do they just play them on TV or in the papers?

Who is more ball-less, the press or the Democrats?

…To be continued.

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