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Monday, December 17

Quotes Of The Day:

"They knew how to deal with the 'tards in the old days." -- PoLT

"To the Druids, a man was not separate from the universe or born into it from elsewhere. He was, like the trees, part of nature. He was an embodiment and outgrowth of nature. If a man felt divided from nature he was unwell mentally and could not operate sanely. This was the law of the Druids and of Shaman everywhere. Demented men could be sacrificed to save the rest of the tribe from calamity. All trees are capable of producing sour and rotten fruit and, likewise, civilizations are capable of producing sour and rotten men. Such beings are a hazard to themselves and to everyone around them. The rites of initiation were instigated to make sure that the impure had no chance of attaining positions of power. The removal of these strict telestic rites permitted the mentally and morally toxic to have access to the thrones of the world. Once in command, such types were wont to promote others of their kind and conspire against the pure and noble ones they despise." -- Michael Tsarion The Irish Origins of Civilization

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