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Friday, December 7

My Message to Mitt: "You're no Jack Kennedy"

(I'm so original! heh heh)

Well then, How about STFU!

Front page of this morning's Hartford Courant:

Decades After JFK, A Presidential Hopeful Addresses His Beliefs
In his speech on faith and politics in Texas Thursday, Mitt Romney compared his appearance to John F. Kennedy's famous speech to Protestant ministers during the 1960 presidential campaign. Both men were trying to overcome concerns that their religious faiths Catholicism for Kennedy, Mormonism for Romney could hinder their candidacies for president.

But there were differences.

Kennedy, 1960:

Expressed unequivocal support for separation of church and state.

Addressed specific issues raised by his Catholicism, such as aid to parochial schools.

Answered tough questions from his audience after the speech.

JFK's remarks on faith, politics

"I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the Democratic Party's candidate for president, who happens also to be a Catholic. I do not speak for my church on public matters — and the church does not speak for me."

Romney, 2007:

Said religion should play a role in public life.

Made only passing references to issues raised by his Mormon faith.

Did not answer questions after his speech.

"Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom. Freedom opens the windows of the soul so that man can discover his most profound beliefs and commune with God. Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone."

Mitt Romney, center, and the Rev. Jeffrey Brown hug at the George Bush Presidential Library. The GOP presidential hopeful spoke about the role his faith would play if he were elected.

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