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Thursday, December 13


Is it dark or what? I can't seem to have enough lights on so that I can see what I am doing. It's not like the sun ever comes out unless it's 4:15 and about to set. What is with all this cloudy weather? It may snow here today, but not as much as the inland areas are planning to get. The ocean will moderateI'm making my holiday gifts this year and it's pretty hard to be green when I have to have at least 4 lamps on simultaneously during the day.

Normally it's too cloudy to even do any telescoping although last night the stars came out for a change. How big is Mars? Wow! And that comet Holmes. If it would at least be starry every night, I wouldn't mind this time of year so much. I could practice some astrophotography which I invested way too much money in considering I live where the skies aren't all that dark for the most part. Between the lights, the airplane contrails due to my proximity to 4 airports and the ocean moisture, it's pretty disappointing. I'm still planning to move somewhere that's dark at night.

Last night at 10PM, I found myself outside with the family hanging the solstice lights on the house (it was warmish) and reminiscing about solstice seasons past. I can picture my dad hanging those big colorful bulbs around the front door of our house. I remember as a kid that you could tell who was Jewish by their dark houses. Being the bleeding heart kid that I was, I felt that lit up houses shouldn't be a religious thing, but just something nice to do when the days were so short, so I told all the Jews on my block that it's okay if they put lights on their houses, but for some reason, they said that would put their menorahs in the window and that was all, if it was okay with me. Well it really wasn't. I thought that they could trick Santa if nothing else and that their kids would get presents on Christmas too. What did I know at the time? I was much blonder then.

I was also the same kid who was taught in school that only Catholics go to heaven, so I was driven to convert everyone because I wanted them to go to heaven. It really disturbed me. But my best friend whose dad was the pastor of the Lutheran Church on my block, told me not to worry about HER people. It was MY people who were screwed up. That was quite possible, I thought. We were taught these terrible things by angry, bitter, nasty women who wore black robes all the time and had no feet. Finally Pope John XXIII came out with Vatican II and I didn't feel so afraid that I'd be lonely in heaven. It also turned out that nuns had feet.

In these northern latitudes, we really need to decorate for the solstice for aesthetic reasons. I love how the greenery looks draped on the house and I'll leave it up until the sun sets at 5:15, which won't be until the end of January.

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