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Sunday, December 30

Let's Just Call Christians What They Are- Whatever that is.

I would like to challenge those who use their First Amendment Rights to threaten others with damnation (in the literary concept of hell) on behalf of (the literary vengeful, Old Testament,) God Almighty. I liken this to calling out "fire!" in a crowded movie theater when there is no fire. With freedom of speech, there comes responsibility. One's freedom of speech should never interfere with another's right to the pursuit of happiness and vice versa. Perhaps the concept of freedom of speech ought to include what responsibility is expected of those who use it. I hate to get all nit picky, but the time has come to get this all out in the open.

I modestly propose that the concept of a "Christian" ought to be officially and legally defined in the US Constitution once and for all before anymore proseltysing is acceptable under the First Amendment cloak. I suggest that because there are too many people preaching in the name of christian gods who contradict each other and it leads to confusion and mayhem. I also understand that my proposal would lead to mayhem as well. Fine with me. Let the games begin.

How can anyone really be sure if they are going to hell or not? Since no one has actually been to the literary hell and back again, how do we truly know that hell won't be "heaven" to some people? Never in a million years did I ever think that in light of what US Presidential candidates declare is godly or heavenly, that I would prefer not to go there. I am not interested in a god who wants to scare me into loving or respecting him. I reserve the right to wave my fist in the face of anyone who waves their vengeful god in my face.

I suggest that the Bible be officially interpreted and that no more loose translations or unofficial interpretations be allowed in the public sphere.
Perhaps each "christian" sect ought to be required to name itself and use their sect's name when preaching and bullying outside of the church house under their First Amendment Rights. I laugh to myself because I know that there will be no less than a million sects.

Why propose such a silly thing? Because this will, once and for all, blow the lid off the steaming, stewing, fermenting load of shit being passed off as "christianity" named for the peace loving, people hugging, tax paying, hippy known as Jesus Christ. Once and for all, those who preach hell fire, intolerance and hate will not be legally allowed to refer to themselves as "christians" Or on the other hand, those who do believe in a loving, merciful god, will go by a different classification if the intolerant version of "christianity" should win. Actually, it appears that those who once thought themselves as mainstream "Christian" are already being classified as "secularists."

A national debate on what constitutes a "christian" ought to start the second civil war in the US that makes the first one look like a day in Disney World. People may be forced to use their long subdued powers of reason! After much bloodshed, plundering, rape and pillaging, no side will win and those who survive will keep their mouths shut, never daring to suggest in public what "god" thinks. It will be a long time before any more wars are fought here or abroad.

(this post is subject to future editing as I am tired and spent the morning reading one too many stories of religious interference in our government.)

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