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Monday, December 10


ABC News Reports that a young Texas woman, Jamie Leigh Jones, who was working for KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary in the Green Zone in Baghdad was drugged and then raped repeatedly by several men 2 years ago. She was then put in a container and guarded by KBR until she convinced a guard to give her his cell phone so she could call her father. Her father called the State Department who alerted the US Embassy in Baghdad which came to rescue her from her employer. She told ABC news that Army doctors who examined her determined that she was raped anally and vaginally, but the rape kit disappeared after being handed over to KBR. She was threatened with losing her job should she sought help after being raped.

As if it wasn't bad enough that a young woman was brutally violated by woman hating morons who work for a woman hating company, the woman hating US Justice Department hasn't brought any charges in the matter. In fact, due to a loophole in the contract with KBR, contractors in Iraq cannot be charged with any crime by the US. I suggest that the woman use the Iraq courts to have these men tried and then if found guilty, executed or castrated, or whatever they do to rapists in Iraq.

Well no, KBR doesn't want this case to see civil court and has moved to have her claim go into arbitration where there's no public record or transcript kept of the proceeding. A private arbitrator (who probably works for a private contractor) would hear the case. So far Halliburton has won 80% of it's by using a private arbitrator. Surprise. Surprise.

That's our tax money going to KBR. I object to their being beyond the law and I plan to make a big stink about this. Some of the comments over at ABC News made me want to vomit. (and this case has nothing to do with Bill Clinton, goddammit to hell)

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