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Wednesday, December 26

In America: 2007

Dear _____,

Saw your light on and thought I'd leave a note. Thanks for the gift certificates.

We were thankful the McDonald’s hamburger wasn’t over done by the kids that complained they had to work on Christmess so they couldn’t get to their friend’s places to celebrate till later; the fries were however; and the drink was mostly soda water.
Good thing they had a dollar menu or we wouldn’t have been able to celebrate this year.

It was nice though, being able to spend an hour or so in a heated place. Since they shut my gas off in November, it’s been pretty rough but I’m sure once the Democrats are in next year, things will be a lot better.

Sometime next month my ’82 Corolla will be ready or at least that’s what the man at the garage says. Something about a valve thing or something like that he had to replace, I guess. Says once I make the last payment to him, I can have the car back. Maybe by January 15th. Hope I have enough for some gas.

The youngest one got a used coat from the local bundle-up place but they didn’t have any more so I just put some of those handy napkins in the holes. Seems to work ok.

Today, the day after Christmess I got my tax bill in the mail for the last year. They never have any trouble finding us for what we owe them. They won’t extend the time on me paying them because I owe taxes for a couple of years now. Been kind of tough coming up with money for that government stuff and now they want to go to a magistrate and make me pay costs and other stuff. How much is a stamp nowadays?

It’s so nice my taxes are helping take care of all the things I really use; like roads and buses (they cut the service in my area and I have to walk 10 extra blocks to get one), oh and that war on terror thing is really working well. I ca’t tell you how much it means to me that all that money is so well spent over there where it’s needed. Thanks President Bush, for protecting me, my kids and my lifestyle.

At least the water is running again. The temperature is above freezing so we’re filling as many plastic jugs as we could find. It helps to put some water in smaller bottles and keep them next to your skin to warm them up so you can wash up better.

Being cold, the socks don’t dry as quickly in the winter as the summer so they don’t get washed as often. And we only have a couple of candles left. We need them because the electricity was shut off, too. I promised the little one that I’d read her a story tonight before she goes to sleep. The radio needs batteries to work. Maybe next week I’ll find some.

We’re going down to the employment office today. I have to take the kids since I can’t afford day care. I heard there’s some temp work on the other side of town. Not sure how I’ll get there but at least it’s work…for a couple of weeks.

My youngest has a bad cold. Thank God for them and CHiP since I don’t qualify for medicare and the welfare and food stamps were cut. Too many people were probably taking advantage of them and the government had to teach them a lesson so they didn’t waste any more tax money on fakers.

Well, I got to go now. The plastic on the front window blew off again and if I don’t get something on the opening, it’s going to be a colder night.

Hope you guys got all you wanted for Christmess.

Laura, Jimmy and Karen

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