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Monday, December 10

I'll Give You A War On Christmas

"True believers" ought to realize that biblically speaking, Christmastime shouldn't be spent in department stores at all. The war on Christmas began long ago when the once holy day became a holiday spending spree. Any agonizing concerns during the season ought to be focused on one thing and one thing only- praying and working for peace in the world. I do not recall Jesus calling for bombing the world into peace or pieces. I often think that if Jesus did come back, or maybe he has come back, that he would be vilified and called a commie or a far-left Satanist for not endorsing mass consumerism and skyrocketing debt in the name of God.

Today's reading is from Gregory McNamee, a contributing editor for Encyclopædia Britannica, for which he writes regularly on world geography, culture, and other topics. This article is from the History News Network via the Britannica Blog.

Christmas, Cash, and Commodities
Thanksgiving puts a smile on the face of cranberry farmers, poultry farmers, sweet-potato farmers, and bookies. Valentine’s Day gives the executives at Hallmark a warm fuzzy feeling. Come Mother’s Day, florists are the happiest people in town, having jacked up their prices by orders of magnitude that would bring a federal suit down on any other industry. Easter is a holiday beloved of observant Christians—but also of chocolatiers and confectioners and egg farmers, to say nothing of the evil trolls who manufacture the cellophane grass that lines environmentally unfriendly baskets.

But Christmas is the time when capitalism goes uncloaked, when alienation blossoms, when much of the world succumbs to a frenzied potlatch of one-upmanship, debt, and disappointment. continued

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