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Sunday, December 9

"A Christmas Dirge" by Nellie McKay

Christmas time may always be the saddest time of year
But if misery loves company let's play at solitaire
If you've any thought to our forgotten dream
Here's a swallowed prayer and not so silent scream

Please don't chop another Christmas tree
Please just let her live and let her breathe
Spare the little flower as you didn't spare my heart
Tend each thirsty flower, don't tear her apart
Please don't axe another evergreen
Please don't make that cut however clean
Bless each fragrant nettle and how happy she will be
Cradle every blossom and kiss them for me

Please don't slice another Christmas fir
Please don't kick another to the curb
Put away the hog's head and the fetish for the flesh
Death is no requirement for your happiness

Please don't kill another living thing
Please don't sap her veins but let them sing
Don't tether her branches to the chair or kitchenette
Whether our romance is a thrill or regret

Please don't squeeze another Christmas crown
Just to build her up and break her down
Please don't slowly starve her whilst the party rages on
I know what it feels like to shiver in the sun

Please don't chop another Christmas tree
Every wild soul craves liberty
Cherish every being, any species, any size
I'm a weeping willow yet I still empathize
So though you've got your life and family
Though you've chosen and it wasn't me
Though my future's decked in misery
Oh please oh please don't chop that Christmas tree

OH PLEASE Listen here and download this MOST INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL and mournful song for free at Nellie's website

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