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Sunday, December 23

And They Call This "News?"

The major news services here in the US (including the main government propaganda channel, Pravda TV - er, oops, Fox News) have all been agog about former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's recent conversion from the Church of England to Catholicism.

Two things.

One, Blair ISN'T the godsdamned PM any longer - so what the hell are the media doing talking about it?

Two, back in the day (say about 1830 or so) if a major figure in Britain converted from the C of E to Papism, he would have never gotten far in political office or even allowed in Parliament. Britain took such things seriously - just look at Guy Fawkes' Day.

Our country was founded on an idea of tolerance buttressed by the Mexican standoff between the major sects in Christianity so that no single one can get the upper hand. Since there is NO religious test for public office, announcing that someone's converted from Protestantism to Catholicism (or even from Episcopalianism to Baptist) is a non-starter.

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