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Thursday, December 27

Airport profilers are watching your minutest expressions

While reading this story about TSA officials who are "trained" to watch traveler's expressions, how cops are using tasers on citizens who don't do exactly as they are told, and for being fingerprinted during a traffic stop I began to think that perhaps I shouldn't argue with "conspiracy theorists" because they just may be on to something. We seem to be living in a dystopian novel. Pretty soon the monkeys will take over.

Getting back to the TSA watching your expression-- It appears that while they claim that they are experts in detecting "microfacial expressions -- a flash of feelings that in a fraction of a second reflects emotions such as fear, anger, surprise or contempt" and will then refer you to secondary interrogation at the airport gate, they truly suck at it or in fact tens of thousands of travelers want to kill others. Well perhaps both are true. I would recommend a good shot of Botox before you fly.
Since January 2006, behavior-detection officers have referred about 70,000 people for secondary screening, Maccario said. Of those, about 600 to 700 were arrested on a variety of charges, including possession of drugs, weapons violations and outstanding warrants
Seventy thousand microfacial expressions were referred for secondary screening? I think they need to send the swift TSA officers back to the drawing board in order to teach them how to detect which passengers merely want to see the TSA go straight to hell vs those who want to blow up the airplane. Heaven forbid, we don't want to be seen as racial profilers in America. Sure, rush the old white lady with blue eyes to secondary screening because she looks perturbed and might have a bomb strapped on her. (Well maybe not this time...)

I can't imagine anyone going through airport security in NY's JFK or LGA without expressing sincere disdain and contempt in their microfacial expressions (or their macrofacial expressions.) Just dropping off someone or picking them up at the airport makes my macrofacial expressions twitch. Thinking about it makes me twitch uncontrollably.

Being greeted at the airport terminal in your home city by youngsters in full riot gear wielding automatic weapons, after being barked at by renta-cops at the drop off point, then being shuffled around by those fine government employees in tight fitting uniforms who haven't passed their first semester of "English as a second language" and who can only bark unintelligible orders at weary travelers and cannot answer any questions because they haven't learned enough words in English yet, and then wondering if your bags are going to be violated by goons in the back room and then having to stand on too long lines to get screened and questioned while there is no line at all at the elite check in for first class passengers, knowing full well that even if the plane leaves the terminal on time, that doesn't mean it will take off any time soon... well it all seems kind of pointless to try to train anyone to detect outstanding fear and contempt in a particular traveler. Oh and I forgot to mention that if you try to ask an actual airline employee a question in the terminal, the required response is "write to head office."

Well thank goodness, Big Brother is watching and keeping us safe. Who the hell needs another terrorist attack? They've won.

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