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Monday, December 31

2007 Same shit, different year

How can I recap 2007? I can't. Young people can. Not me. Not anymore.

It's so fun to be old and cynical. You wait a lifetime for it. Sure, it was fun to be young, firm and ditzy, but older age is waaaay cooler. The years come and go and meld together. You really can't pin point a date anymore as the past 10 or 20 years seem like yesterday. How awesome is that? Waddaya mean it's been 3 years since I went to Arizona. It was just last year. No?

And now a musical interlude by the Asylum Street Spankers who will be in NY in January. The Spankers say on their website that they are veterans and do indeed support the troops.

hat tip to dear tali for the linky poo.
Happy birthday Billydoom and Peter of Lone Tree (who are much older than I am and yet still alive.)

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