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Thursday, November 8

"You Get What You Pay For"

"Yuh Get Wuhchuh Pay Faw" (NY pronunciation) is my favorite expression about the most important life lesson I've learned (over and over). It can be applied to just about everything. If you are into more agricultural sayings then "You reap what you sow."

People want to buy A LOT of stuff and they want it cheap. That's what they get. Cheap stuff. Lots of it. China makes cheap stuff. And then they need humongous overpriced houses that they cannot afford to put all this stuff in. And the cheap crap always breaks and you have to buy more of it and you end up spending way more than you ever intended and your credit card bills are maxed out... And the hilarity ensues.

Aqua Dots toy pulled on fears of poison risk
Beads' coating metabolizes into 'date rape' drug

What was touted as one of the hottest new toys this Christmas is being pulled off store shelves because of fears it could poison children.

Aqua Dots, distributed in North America by Toronto-based Spin Master, are liquid-filled beads that can be arranged into designs and sprayed with water to hold them together. But if swallowed, the beads' coating reportedly metabolizes into the hallucinogenic "date rape" drug gammahydroxybutyrate, also known as GBH. An overdose can cause seizures, coma or death.

The toy, aimed at kids age 4 and older and heavily advertised on TV, is made in China by Australian company Moose Enterprise. Marketed in Australia as Bindeez, it was withdrawn there this week when three children needed hospital treatment after swallowing beads.
Oh god, wherefore art thou?

Hey older folks... 'member when we were growing up and were taught to hate commies and not trust them? I was thinking about that lately.

PS here is the toy at Amazon. Not too thrilling comments about it either.

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